Tuesday, January 18, 2011

working hard for the home-y


erick and i worked our butts off this monday. we sanded, stained, puddied, painted, cleaned, organized, moved and then some. it was lovely to work so hard together. and then to sit in the results of our labor and be like - yup. that is much better! i won't reveal it all. some things are still a work in progress. for example the tv cabinet (although i prefer to call it the tv buffet) was a real stellar make over. morgan brought it over and at first sight it was not so lovely. rather ugly. and then we slapped on the high gloss black. shined up the brass and viola! a beauty. i am super happy with it. BUTT. we need to grow up and get a flat screen already. our tv is a monster. and i think when we get the flat screen it will look a LOT better.


  1. your hard effort is paying off your living room looks fabulous Im loving all the elements that you are grouping together. Texture, tones, vintage
    very nice!

  2. ahhhh, i want that TV cabinet!!! amazingness. more so, i want a yard i can do bigger DIY projects in.

  3. See. A little paint makes everything ugly into awesome. It looks good. Feels good to get stuff done.

    Also, my grapefruit look awesomely stylish.

  4. what kind of stain did you use for your beautiful coffee table? I LOVE IT

  5. the color was american chestnut - brand - min wax. thanks for the sweet words! erick is staining magician :)