Friday, January 28, 2011

desert day


last monday (before the super cold) my pops and i went to the mojave desert. we had such a good time. my dad is the best travel companion. he is so knowledgable about nature, history, where to go, why and when. also quite handy in the camera department. but best of all he is always up for exploring and having an adventure.
we scored in the rocks and cool wood department. brought home all kinds of cool shapes and textures.
the desert was gorgeous, green and lush after all the rains. there were all kinds of puddles that had turned into mini lakes and birds were jumping around having a good time in the wet piles.
my dad took this route where we went through a cool old town that had neat looking motel signs, old diners and great collections of junk in front yards. we stumbled upon an antique store (the one where i got my libra artwork) that went on and on and on and on. i picked up a purple milk crate full cool vintage bottles for terri planty.
we also stopped at this awesome market that sold lots of produce, every kind of nut, trail mix, dried fruit, honey, etc. that you could imagine.
all in all it was good times. i always love to retreat to the desert to hunt for treasure and stare out of the window with some good music collaborating with the view.
tomorrow night (if i am better - please get better body!) my sis and i hed out to hemet to stay with morgan and go to hitched on sunday. are any of you going? i am excited to meet new folks - perhaps i shall see you there! in the meantime - happy weekend. :)

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