Saturday, January 1, 2011

a NEW year

i woke up to snuggling cats on both new years eve and new years day. not a bad way to start a fresh beginning. only this morning we really stayed in for a bit. watching the rose parade. taking our time.
we had a really nice new years eve. dinner at my neighbors, lovely helpings of homemade yummy things (i made the stew) and plentiful wine and champagne. all good things. we even burned our well wishes for the new year in the fire, chanting and dancing our drunk asses off in hopes of bringing in the the proper dose of vodoo to accompany our written messages. at midnight we ate 12 grapes, had money in our pockets and i hula hooped. i was doing so much i forgot to count down. but i think the hula hooping is a fair exchange. we dressed up for our small gathering, i was totally straight out of the 70s in a black one piece wide leg, strapless number paired with vintage heels that are no doubt a flashback. erick got a late birthday gift. a cape, naturally. he wore it. and later we took photos in our mirror together (when you hold the camera yourself - you are rarely documented, therefore what you see is my pjs, i couldn't stay ladylike for that long).

i am so excited for this year. so many adventures ahead. so many goals and ideas! and its new. that is the best thing about new years. it is new. yours to play with.

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