Thursday, January 13, 2011

around the house...


more images from the treehouse - my house. you know the place i rest my feet. you get the idea. i am currently having some laundry drama. too much of it and no desire to do it. i wish i was rich and could just go out and buy new clothes. like this whole collection.
i am excited for this weekend. miss morgan is heading north to the la lands and we are going to the long beach flea market. the lady knows how to shop, i love to shop and NEED to - new vessels for terri planty! so the day should be a success!
anywhoo. the painting of the white cat was a score from my last shopping trip with . but i painted some blue eyes and orange bits on the kitty so that she looks more like my cat. meow!


  1. good luck with your trip I love flea markets they are the best! Cute kitty too!

  2. your house is adorable. and i LOVE the terri planty!