Friday, February 27, 2009

my bible.

this book is my new bible. as an avid gardener and artist this book satisfies my cravings for great gardening tips and political gestures.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

shredded mulch.

i have been working on my garden more then making art. and you know what... it feels so damn good. gardening is the ultimate high for me. it makes me feel in touch (as corney as it may sound). but i am here to tell you that my new favorite gardening toy is (a drum roll please!) - shredded bark mulch!!! this stuff is heavenly! it is like fine hair that you apply to your garden! it is deliciously radical - I HEART SHREDDED MULCH!

i had a serious problem with erosion in my front yard and my ice plants / lantana / crawling rosemary are being a little on the slow side with growth these days. so! thanks to the brilliant woman with the straw hat at the sunset nursery i bought this glorious material and erosion has been a off my stress pile. not to mention the mulch is excellent for the soil and helps prevent weed growth! sweet!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

betsey tweet.

if betsey johnson were a bird ... she would live in here.

cat lady / garden lady.

i built this for my cat children. catnip is expected to germinate in 8 -10 days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

stories from earth.

erick and i collaborated once again. here is a link to our newest video.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

and i want more.

angela adams makes things i want. lets share.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

baby love.

where can i adopt this sweet little critter. i adore it.

julie orser's blood work.

this weekend i saw julie orser's video Blood Work at The Company in chinatown. i really enjoyed it. i am a big fan of julie's work. and this piece certainly is one of my favorites.

The show is open from: February 7 - March 7, 2009
The Company
946 Yale Street, LA 90012 (Chinatown)
Hours: Wed - Sun 12pm-6pm, or by appointment

just one more.


this site is filled with beautiful.

parsley rescue.

the sun is once again shining. and that means Hooray! for my little animal family - they get to go out and play. however, my italian parsley has once again fallen victim to my sweet rabbi. i have come up with a diy way of protecting my precious herbs. i grabbed some surrounding dried stems and sticks and poked them into the dirt, creating a circle sculpture around the herb. i hope this works.

Monday, February 9, 2009

she rocks, rocks me.

i super duper HEART the sweet sounds of "gine-core" on she rocks. it is as if my music prayers were answered. more "gine" music is always a better thing. it doesn't hurt that one of the djs shares my name.

my table

we got a new a dinning room table. she needs some tlc and new cushion work. but she is still a sweet find. xoxo table love.

mad love

i am madly in love with this woman's site and things and then some. she has endless collections of delicious objects.


if i made casseroles... this would host the best of them.


i want... to be surrounded by floral plates.

oh vera

i am looking for the perfect cloth napkins. and i am deeply obsessed with vera's designs.

i heart my cat.

my cat had dental work today. and they had to sedate her. i am now performing the role of cat mother / nurse.

russian doll makeover for miss kiki smith

Kiki asked several artist friends to purchase and then dress up a set of 5 Russian Nesting Dolls. It is with great pleasure that I said YES YES YES...and this is how my girls turned out. They are ooee gooeey ladies of the Bianca Studio Lands.

calarts we suck less

Thank you Roger Tilton for my awesome license plate frame. It is the perfect shout out to our alma mater CALARTS. If you want one too, you may purchase one on Roger’s etsy store:
There is also the I heart CalArts Bob plate frame. Check them out!

cake love

every squirrel girl loves a squirrel cake. isn't she perfect? my folks and baby sister created this masterpiece. i am so proud.

A Fixed, Formal Arrangement in Allison & Danielle’s Living Room

Here are some images of my baby womanhouse installation in Allison Carter & Danielle Adair’s living room. The installation was one of others that were short lived for Allison’s book release. A very good book I might add. Check it out:

LAAA’s Film & Video and Otis present: Multiple Feeds

My Ma sent me this photo documenting the panel discussion that followed the Multiple Feeds screening that was curated by Erika Suderburg (she is the one on the left, rocking the sweet purple pants). My video Art Speak and Me; Darling it’s okay I said it was shown in the screening. And I had the pleasure of speaking in the panel discussion (I am the one in middle right, sporting the skirt). This lovely event took place at Democracy Forum at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in Downtown LA.

Domestic Me / Where the Artist Sleeps

I am addicted to my home. I am addicted to making it mine. I am a self proclaimed Martha Stewart Wannabe. Domestic Goddess. Neo Hippie, Loving Hands of Home, Cat Mama, Design*Sponge Junkie, Flea Market Huntress.
With that said... I give you my new bedroom wall. In an effort to avoid hanging heavy frames or mirrors above my bed that would crash down and kill me in my sleep during an earthquake I grew some trees. Cheers FAKE NATURE!

A great day.

I spent the most amazing day with my grandparents at their ranch. The day reeked of perfect.
My grandfather is an artist. One of his many practices is ceramics. And this day was spent doing just that. I wanted to share with you his studio and the experience.
My grandmother is equally wonderful. She and I went swimming, played with chickens, cooked and she showed me the happy surprises that grew in her garden (blooming natives and grapes for days).
I am the luckiest person in the world.