Thursday, December 30, 2010

picnic visit in santa ynez


right after xmas we had a lovely little trip up to santa ynez to visit friends. we had a picnic at the tippy top of the hills and were blasted by wind that resulted in a very glamorous fashion shoot of boys and blankets. the drive was so relaxing and beautiful. on the second day on our way home we had a coffee in one of my favorite spots in cali, los olivos. we peeked over the fence of my favorite nursery, j woeste. we were there too early so no shopping (poo). after our cruise of los olivos we made our way over to solvang for breakfast, stopping at a thrift store on the way. the skies were clear, the air felt fresh. road trips are always such a treat.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry merry good times

a couple shots from the holidays. we ate lots of food, played games, gifted and saw many decorated homes (amaya, my sister is like the holiday decoration tour guide).

p.s. note the pit bulls and giant chicken in the manger. pretty funny stuff.

gifts wrapped


this holiday (and pretty much every holiday) i was a gift wrapping maniac. i tried to document some of my favorites. like paulanna's lost treasure box, loaded with tangled magic of feathers, thread, vintage postcard, a shell slice and of course a lovely deer antler. the super colorful paper image is of children's gifts. i hit up the 99 cents store and scored these rad colorful buckets. filled them with toys from all over the lands, tissue paper and bam! done. the kids were into the "digging" for gifts process. and the parents were into the instant storage.
now its time for clean up around the house. the tape dispenser and roll of twine need to return to their homes. oh man. the holidays... they make my house look like a twister came through.

Friday, December 24, 2010

double rainbow all the way


happy holidays yo! :)
may there be a pot 'o' gold and joy and love and laughter and good stuff at the end of your holiday rainbow! happy happy merry merry!!!
thank you to everyone who visits, comments and gives love to squirrelhobbies. i super appreciate it and wish you lots of wonderful things this holiday season and in the new year too!

happy merry happy


our baby tree. our baby cat child. and yes a watermelon wearing a bears team hat. that pretty much sums up our holiday style round here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

rug woes (part one)


i know what i am missing. a great rug in my life. i need one. i know it. its gone that far. so i look and look and hopefully one day i will spot the right one. because right now the black shaggy inexpensive ikea rug just ain't cuttin' it for me anymore. it is not the easiest thing to maintain (considering i have a  fluffy white cat). i want a kilim or even a cowhide but i got find the perfect one. any suggestions welcome. 

images via desire to inspire .