Thursday, January 27, 2011

around the house...


i am sick. yucky sore throat achey slow moving dizzy headache tiered sick. but who cares about that.
i snapped some shots around the house to entertain myself (and then soon returned to the bed). first we have my wild boy kitty cat. mr. looey. he was pumped because he used to be an outdoor cat until he started visiting neighbors farther and farther away. and when i heard about some dog violence in the hood, that was it. no more outdoor kitty time. however. he is not happy with that. so my sister so kindly purchased this stylish purple harness for the dude, he hangs out on a long leash and everybody is happy. the funny part is that he just stands there calmly as i put on his harness, knowing he is going out for play time. much like a dog.
the purple stitched art was one of my sweet finds from my desert day trip with my dad (more photos from that trip later). it was $3! i was so excited when i saw it because: a. i am a libra. b. it is rad. c. it was staring at me amongst all the junk as if though it was meant to be.
the bench in the outdoor patio shot was until recently our tv stand since we had moved in. one of erick's last pieces of furniture. in the process of putting it out in the yard to do away with i realized, shit! this is a useful and kind of a cool piece! i put some cushions, a pot and viola. keeper. i needed something to act as a guard from folks stepping down into my plant lands down there anyway. yipee!
and lastly, i finally got the tord garland up! finally! i love it.
now i just need to get over this cold because this weekend i am going to hitched with the sis. back to sleep. sweet dreams. :)

p.s. pillow with cat hair all over it - from scout & catalogue.


  1. Sorry to hear that youre sick and hope you get better soon. Your kitty kats are very cute. I really like your table to seat idea is very practical. Great colours too!

  2. Hope you get better soon! Nice pics!!

  3. I love the backyard shots. And get better soon!

  4. i agree with everyone else, and i want to sit my butt on that new bench w/lovely-colored cushions. plus, i miss looey and nimbi. xoxo