Wednesday, September 29, 2010

so excited!

i am so excited about this weekend!

meow poof

how adorable is this. i am freaking out right now. amaya, my small tiger fish sister sent this to me. she knows what cute is. she checks out the daily puppy - every single day. and this is tops! meow poof!


[squirrel-kitten.JPG] [squirrel-kitten-2.JPG] [squirrel-kitten-1.JPG] [kitten+and+squirrel.jpg]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

today is my birthday..

wish i was dancing all over the town with the ones i love... yeah 27! lets make magic happen...

Monday, September 27, 2010


saturday i was surprised. surprised with a surprise birthday party! i opened the back door and then BOOM - SURPRISE! my family and friends were in my yard! it was decked out for party heaven! there was the favorite and delicious homemade chicken chilli (thank you pops), A WAY AMAZING WEDDING WORTHY CAKE THAT WAS COVERED IN GORGEOUS FLOWERS, TASTED SUPER YUMMY AND INSIDE WAS RAINBOW COLORED!!! (my sister and my ma went all out), kareoke!!!, decorations galore, a giant red dragon piñata (that i broke down while hula hooping using a police baton - thanks ben. it was filled with candy, random presents like kitten calenders and of course top ramen), glittering lights! and of course amazing family and friends! my sister and my boy friend did the works. although i can tell where my baby sis had her claws dug in deep - she is quite the party planner! and all my friends that helped - i love them all! i have to post my gifts too! i got some amazing treats.

i am such a lucky lady. surprise! i'm 27!

i love love love love love my life.


Friday, September 24, 2010

hippie gear

my bday trip to joshua tree is coming up. i really want to get a new pair of mocky mocs for the trip... i am thinking boots and leggings and a big soft tee shirt and running around like a nut! so these are the boots i am debating getting to do the dancing in...


Thursday, September 23, 2010

a visit

on monday i went to go visit my grandparents. my only regret was not taking some shots of my grandfather's new drawings. they were gorgeous color pencil renderings of desert and mountain landscapes. he is preparing to make a series of paintings and i can't wait to see the finished project.
i had a really nice time. my grandmother showed me around the garden and gave me some succulent clippings and eggs from the chickens. i am so lucky.


dreaming of a new dress...

i am so over whatever is in my closet. i am ready for a new wardrobe. a closet full of bold wonderful rich fabrics and boots for days and outfits that make me feel like i am living out my 70's fantasies in high waisted pants and glorious flowing dresses... so when i came upon these two on bona drag my jaw dropped and i thought oh man if only i was rich i would say THOSE TWO PLEASE. i would even rock the long dress as a wedding dress. and the chick wearing the goods, she is hot too...



dresses by mara hoffman