Monday, November 29, 2010



i am finally visiting my thanksgiving photos. it all took place at my folks place.
i giggled when i realized that i only got pre food shots. it was so busy in the kitchen that i didn't take any food shots. i helped cooked it and then ate it. all. yum. kitties were snuggly the morning of. hard to get up these cold days in la when you got two cute furry poofs in your bed.

busy bee


i have been so busy i have had barely any time to think, let alone blog on squirrel hobbies about all the loves and oohs and aahs and wants and inspirations and oh nos! and meows etc. etc. etc.
after the 13th i will have a life again! i think.
in the mean time i will just dream of hula hoops to keep my cool.

p.s. if you wanna see what i am up to, check out terri planty. lots of new terrariums are being made daily with these typing hands!

images via here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the 50s sucked

my sister sent me this post today. i am so glad we don't live in the 50s.

10 Most Sexist Print Ads from the 1950s

 The 1950s – a time well before the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, when sexism was not only tolerated, it was expected and actively encouraged, partly through chauvinistic print ads like the ones we explore below. With lashings of hindsight, we’re now able to see the funny side of the ridiculously overt sexism on display throughout the ads of the 1950s, mainly because they now seem so incredibly dated.
These ads stand as relics to a bygone era, one in which sexism as well as racism and other forms of intolerance were commonplace. Studying these print ads helps us reflect on today’s society and shows just how far we’ve come. Printing ads like the ones below, complete with their preposterous female stereotypes, would be unspeakable these days, and I, for one, am very thankful for that.

1. Kenwood Chef

Kenwood is most famous for its Chef food processor, which was launched in 1950. Very little has changed in its design and you can still buy one in the shops today. While the Kenwood Chef itself has stood the test of time, this ludicrous advert certainly has not. I can’t imagine the wife doing much cooking with those nails!

2. Chase & Sandborn

There’s a lot to be said for domestic violence. Sure, it ruins lives and tears families apart, but at least you can be certain your coffee is fresh! The mere suggestion today of an ad such as this would be enough to have you sacked from most major ad agencies. What were they thinking? The more you look at this ad, the sadder it gets.

3. Dacron Leggs

For years, advocates of equal rights have complained about men “walking all over women” in the job market, in education and in the home. In this incredibly sexist Dacron print ad, the “walking” switches from metaphor to reality. It’s a shame that the text at the bottom is so small. Squint very hard and you can just about make out the phrase: “After one look at his Mr. Leggs slacks, she was ready to have him walk all over her”. Try coming up with a more misogynistic strapline than that – it’s quite a challenge.

4. Bell & Howell

There’s something not quite right about Sabrina. Although pretty “plasticy”, her face looks normal enough, it’s her breasts that look more than a little unusual. Perhaps it’s just my inexperience talking, but I’ve certainly never seen a lady with mammary glands shaped like that. Far from natural looking, they jut out a mile from her chest, looking more like legs bent at the knee. Talk about the oversexualisation of women in advertising- this really takes the biscuit.

5. Dormeyer

This ad is sexist in so many ways. Firstly, of course, it suggests that women are unable to look beyond their “preoccupation” with housework when choosing a Christmas gift. Secondly, it makes it clear that a woman could never buy such an item for herself, but would have to rely on her husband. And thirdly, it insinuates that women are such emotional wrecks that not getting such a gift would bring tears to their eyes.

6. Hoover

This is the second Christmas ad in this list and it follows a rather similar theme to the first: that’s women getting domestic appliances for Christmas gifts, something which most people in the 21st century would consider to be reasonable grounds for divorce. Nevertheless, the woman above seems so happy with her Hoover, although I can’t help but feel it’s all an act. Surely she’d prefer some jewelry or something (or is that sexist too?) At least her husband could have wrapped it properly rather than simply sticking a bow onto its handle. Where’s the element of surprise in that?

7. Drummond

The company that printed this ad must be proud of themselves – sexism written plain and simple into ink! It certainly doesn’t beat around the bush. Drummond’s message is clear: “Men are better than women”. It’s not the most comprehensible ad I’ve ever seen: one of the besweatered gents in the picture seems to be suspending a woman, who has presumably fallen off a cliff due to her own intrinsic stupidity, by a piece of string, but I’m not really sure why. Well at least women are “useful” indoors.

8. Lysol

In the 1950s, ads for products which counter feminine odors were more popular than ever before. Here you see a woman at her wits end. She’s been emotionally locked out by her husband because her hygiene leaves a little to be desired. The locks on the metaphorical door to her husband’s heart are “doubt”, “inhibitions” and “ignorance”. You can learn a lot from this ad- if your love life starts to cool, don’t blame your man, question yourself (or not.)

9. Mornidine

In the 1950s, many admen would have you believe that women were good for only two things: performing housework and having children (which includes sex, of course). The inability to perform either one of these tasks correctly could spell disaster for any husband. Luckily, thanks to Mornidine, a drug designed to combat morning sickness, women could continue to make breakfast for the family even when suffering from symptoms of pregnancy.

10. Schlitz

This ad is but another example of women being seen as prisoners of their own fragile emotions, completely incapable of doing anything without breaking down into fits of sobbing when confronted with the slightest of dilemmas. How can a woman bear to let her husband down- especially when cooking? If a woman cannot cook for her man then surely she’s completely useless. Lucky for the lady in the ad above, she has a very understanding husband who’s just as happy to have beer for dinner as food- a worrying sign of alcoholism if ever I saw one.

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via business pundit

Monday, November 22, 2010

succulent wreath


i already posted this cutie succu wreath i made on terri planty but i love her so much why not do a repeat.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

pretty safe


found this on kelly lynn water's blog. rad.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

visual prep


i am getting ready for a show i have in december with artist and fellow studio mate jen bruce. the show's title is called "common thread". we are both crafty ladies so the focus of the show is somewhat based on our blending of craft in our art. it is also going to have a bit of performance involved (yipee!). i am working on some paintings / drawings for the show. i have some ready to go out the door, but working on new ones as well. i am looking all abouts for some inspiration and came across these two and was digging elements.

via all the mountains & rachel de joode.

lady needs a moment


i have had so much going on everyday of my life i feel a little overwhelmed. i miss when i had time to do things like laundry and dishes. these days i have been so busy, things like house chores seem more like house pleasures. oh well. it will chill out soon enough. and at least my busy work is creative. i gotsta post photos of the monster drawing rally, it was so much fun, but again, another project. i will i will. in the meantime how about some fantasy lounge lands? feeling it? i am. sorry i don't remember where i scored these images. if you know, hook a girl up!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

so the other day at elephant...

we had a successful opening at elephant art space on friday for the exhibition BE HERE NOW starring such art stars as rebecca kolsrud, anna mayer & andy rocher and curated by the lovely josh mannis. i posted photos on the elephant blog... it was good times to see old friends, lounge in my studio with GREG and check out the art.


Friday, November 12, 2010

monster drawing rally

i am participating in this year's monster drawing rally! come on by!

MONSTER DRAWING RALLY 2010 ARTISTS: Rheim Alkadhi, Julie Adler, Steven L. Anderson, Sarah Rara Anderson, Joshua Aster, Chad Attie, Hilary Baker, Jodie Berry, Andrea Bowers, Kaucyila Brooke, Kristian Burford, Kristin Calabrese, Joshua Callaghan, Andrew Cameron, Gary Cannone, Carolyn Castaýo, Audrey Chan, Frank Chang, York Chang, Terry Chatkupt, Robey Clark, Sara Clendening, Allison Cortson, Sydney Croskery, Katy Crowe, Bianca D'Amico, Gerald Davis, Dave Deany, Ben Dean, Brad Eberhard, Bradney Evans, Patricia Fernandez, Robert Fontenot, Sarajo Frieden, Martin Gantman, Jeff Gauntt, Tm Gratkowski, Margarete Hahner, Robby Herbst, Perry Hoberman, Hadley Holliday, Margaret Honda, Pearl C. Hsiung, Malisa Humphrey, Charles Irvin, William Kaminsky, Danny Jauregui, Johanna Jackson, Chris Johanson, Marvin Jordana, Jennifer Joseph, Raffi Kalenderian, Flora Kao, Seth Kaufman, Brian Kennon, Shio Kusaka, Joel Kyack, Lauren Lavitt, Joseph Lee, Lisa Lesniak, Jay Lizo, Sidonie Loiseleux, Caitlin Lonegan, Benjamin Lord, Euan Macdonald, Lisa Madonna, Anna Mayer, Max Maslansky, Matthias Merkel Hess, Lucas Michael, Jessica Minckley, Sandeep Mukherjee, Melanie Nakaue, Max Neutra, Bret & Rosa Nicely, Aaron Noble, Alex Olson, Terri Phillips, Lauralee Pope, Kiersten Puusemp, Cindy Rehm, Mark A. Rodriguez, Rachel Roske, Kimberly Rowe, Analia Saban, Shizu Saldamando, Roland Seto, Mike Slack, Joe Sola, Karen K. Spector, Steven Steinman, Ami Tallman, Elizabeth Tremante, Dani Tull, Kaari Upson, Lulu Vallee Escott, Stephanie Washburn, Tyler Waxman, Dawson Weber, Annette Weisser, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Jonas Wood, and Jemima Wyman What a great list! Thank you to all of our participating artists.

To see when your favorite artists will be drawing, visit

Over 100 artists will share their creativity and talent by drawing live, giving audiences a rare opportunity to watch art come to life and purchase completed drawings for $75 each.

This mammoth live drawing and fundraising event will also feature DJ Andres Renteria, a live silk-screening station, and a Kids Drawing Corner.

Beer by New Belgium Brewing Company will be poured. The Coolhaus, Fresh Fries, and Slice Truck food trucks will be parked outside for your dining pleasure.

The event concept, MONSTER DRAWING RALLY, was originally developed by the amazing arts organization in San Francisco called, Southern Exposure.

Hosted by Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
2225 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
Please direct all questions to Outpost for Contemporary Art
at (323) 899-3533 or

Looking forward to seeing you at this year's MONSTER DRAWING RALLY!

chair happy

why not put IT on a chair. love this. art you can sit with. via desire to inspire

Thursday, November 11, 2010

lady land of lady bands

sometimes i dwell on the fact that maybe, just maybe i should have been a rock star. laugh all you want but i would have been great. i could rock the look, the i don't care hair, the left over makeup, worn in tee. but my favorite part would be getting to jam with other lady bands. i remember when i was in high school i would write to the rock magazines, circus, rolling stone, hit parader and others and be like what is the deal with the lack of lady rockers? i mean come on!!
i would hit up an L7 show, get my fix of feminism on guitar and only feel more angry and pumped.
and that is why i make art. i am pissed off and i just gotta tell you all in my own pretty way. (i should still start a band. anyone know how to play something?)



via david black photography

yes please

i just found this over at 2bydesign. if and when i own a home this is a serious consideration. i am madly in love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

around the studio...

i am making new work, put up some old work, thinking, doing, seeing, wondering.


pom poms head

this image is a total inspiration to me. i love the way she is staring straight ahead with this confident but un sure expression while hosting a great variety of pom pom type flowers on her head. rad.
via the vamoose.



meow poof

this video is freaking me out. it makes me so happy.

love this space

found this on a merry mishap. love the book shelf under the windows. yes please!