Monday, January 10, 2011

something new under my feet and under my cat



yup. we got some new rugs up in this joint. well. one of them is newish the other is vintage. my cats have already tested them out. my feet enjoy them. the home is feeling fresh and new and full of color and pattern.
the vintage beauty is from the rose bowl. good times were had. many cool vintage vessels purchased. there was this elderly guy at one booth though that made me worried. he was a little out of it and he had me count my change out for him and i thought: a. someone could take advantage of you. i hope they don't. and b. how amazing that you still do this. you keep setting up your booth and you don't give up.
i wonder if i will be that way as an elderly lady. just keep on plugging on. no matter how obvious it is that it is time for me to retire and make some ceramics in my cabin with my 7 cats and dogs.

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