Wednesday, January 12, 2011

around the house...


lastnight my very talented friend debbie came over for dinner. the lady lives in the east coast these days so my time with her was not long enough. i lit candles all over the house to make our reunion romantic. whipped up a delicious dinner, drank some wine and talked business, love, adventures and raising LA hippie babies together (not now - later. i promise i am in no rush. the cats will do just fine!)
in other exciting news - i got my tord boontje lamp in the mail!! yipee! the beauty will be living in my bedroom, naturally. considering all the earthy growth decor in that room there was no other light fixture i would consider. i can't wait to install her!
more home posts to come as the nest has become a bit of a work in progress / new years resolution.

p.s. the terrarium is one of my very own terri plantys.