Sunday, January 23, 2011

the weekend


this weekend was all about the bears and the studio. i took a little break from the home stuff. still staring at the tord boontje garland shade. have to install that puppy soon. more painting to do to (photos soon). but i did watch a healthy dose of football today with erick and many friends, including a new bearded dragon lizard friend. yup. i pretty much watched half of the game with that little one in my hands. the young lady that brought the lizard over was busy building a reptile mansion made of beer and shoe boxes.
after the game, a real game of flag football.
thats right. some sports followed by more sports. i got so aggressive i tore my friends shirt off. i was pissed about the bear's loss and took it out on his t shirt.
then it was off to have a studio visit with my dear friend wendy of dear hancock.
we had a very nice talk about starting our own businesses, the balancing of art and a crafty business and the future. she went home with some new terri planty terrariums for her lovely home and i went home with new found inspiration for my business.
so that about sums up the weekend. tomorrow i am off to the desert with my pops to shoot and look for cool vintage vessels.
happy monday!


  1. Bianca nice pics. i had a little snigger when I saw the Tord Boontje light i remember a friend nearly drove herself insane trying to work it out. It sat on a glass plate on her sideboard for quite sometime. Can you do a little post on tour new terrariums I love looking at them.

  2. post on terrariums coming right up (first i gotta shoot them - but then yes!) xoxo :)

  3. i'm not a huge football fan but i do like cupcakes :)

  4. lovely airplant terrariums!
    so cute