Friday, January 28, 2011

desert day


last monday (before the super cold) my pops and i went to the mojave desert. we had such a good time. my dad is the best travel companion. he is so knowledgable about nature, history, where to go, why and when. also quite handy in the camera department. but best of all he is always up for exploring and having an adventure.
we scored in the rocks and cool wood department. brought home all kinds of cool shapes and textures.
the desert was gorgeous, green and lush after all the rains. there were all kinds of puddles that had turned into mini lakes and birds were jumping around having a good time in the wet piles.
my dad took this route where we went through a cool old town that had neat looking motel signs, old diners and great collections of junk in front yards. we stumbled upon an antique store (the one where i got my libra artwork) that went on and on and on and on. i picked up a purple milk crate full cool vintage bottles for terri planty.
we also stopped at this awesome market that sold lots of produce, every kind of nut, trail mix, dried fruit, honey, etc. that you could imagine.
all in all it was good times. i always love to retreat to the desert to hunt for treasure and stare out of the window with some good music collaborating with the view.
tomorrow night (if i am better - please get better body!) my sis and i hed out to hemet to stay with morgan and go to hitched on sunday. are any of you going? i am excited to meet new folks - perhaps i shall see you there! in the meantime - happy weekend. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

around the house...


i am sick. yucky sore throat achey slow moving dizzy headache tiered sick. but who cares about that.
i snapped some shots around the house to entertain myself (and then soon returned to the bed). first we have my wild boy kitty cat. mr. looey. he was pumped because he used to be an outdoor cat until he started visiting neighbors farther and farther away. and when i heard about some dog violence in the hood, that was it. no more outdoor kitty time. however. he is not happy with that. so my sister so kindly purchased this stylish purple harness for the dude, he hangs out on a long leash and everybody is happy. the funny part is that he just stands there calmly as i put on his harness, knowing he is going out for play time. much like a dog.
the purple stitched art was one of my sweet finds from my desert day trip with my dad (more photos from that trip later). it was $3! i was so excited when i saw it because: a. i am a libra. b. it is rad. c. it was staring at me amongst all the junk as if though it was meant to be.
the bench in the outdoor patio shot was until recently our tv stand since we had moved in. one of erick's last pieces of furniture. in the process of putting it out in the yard to do away with i realized, shit! this is a useful and kind of a cool piece! i put some cushions, a pot and viola. keeper. i needed something to act as a guard from folks stepping down into my plant lands down there anyway. yipee!
and lastly, i finally got the tord garland up! finally! i love it.
now i just need to get over this cold because this weekend i am going to hitched with the sis. back to sleep. sweet dreams. :)

p.s. pillow with cat hair all over it - from scout & catalogue.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

yes please


as usual, i am gathering inspiration from the internet lands...
while traveling amongst the cyber paths i recently found 2 blogs that make my hippie heart melt - earth ageand stopping off place. the above images are from both of these wonderful sources of awesomeness. i totally want all of these things or images to myself.

about the bad ass rainbow images: "colour research, 1972-1973, from the morris/trasov archive "the rainbow is a timeless departure point for the imagination. the physics of light and the perception of colour have engaged both artists and scientists. the colour bar project grew out of informal collaborations in the late 1960’s between artists involved with the intermedia movement in vancouver and developed as a model for art and life experiments in the 1970’s. it remains a reference for continuing research. "

Monday, January 24, 2011

on my coffee table


i did some shopping and it shows. on my coffee table.
the black glazed pottery is from this rad antique shop in eagle rock. they had lots more that i wanted. but i had to behave myself.
the bit of pottery with legs, as i like to refer to it, was a goodwill score. and is currently the perfect place to dump jewelry when relaxing on the couch.
and last but not least the vintage antler brush was a treat to meow from the california gift show. i went on a buying trip for work and worked hard to to be a good girl and not go shopping crazy. but this oddity stole my heart. i am going to hang it on the wall soon.

more found and bought treasures to come. but for now i am pooped. i went to the mojave with my dad and it was so beautiful. if you get a chance get out there! with all the rain we had it is green and lush in desert. sweet sleepers.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the weekend


this weekend was all about the bears and the studio. i took a little break from the home stuff. still staring at the tord boontje garland shade. have to install that puppy soon. more painting to do to (photos soon). but i did watch a healthy dose of football today with erick and many friends, including a new bearded dragon lizard friend. yup. i pretty much watched half of the game with that little one in my hands. the young lady that brought the lizard over was busy building a reptile mansion made of beer and shoe boxes.
after the game, a real game of flag football.
thats right. some sports followed by more sports. i got so aggressive i tore my friends shirt off. i was pissed about the bear's loss and took it out on his t shirt.
then it was off to have a studio visit with my dear friend wendy of dear hancock.
we had a very nice talk about starting our own businesses, the balancing of art and a crafty business and the future. she went home with some new terri planty terrariums for her lovely home and i went home with new found inspiration for my business.
so that about sums up the weekend. tomorrow i am off to the desert with my pops to shoot and look for cool vintage vessels.
happy monday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011



i know, i know. lots of photos. so i have some issues with editing! big deal. these shots are from the collective show los angelesin chinatown. my shared art space / studio land elephantwas a participant. the opening was on thursday night. it was c r o w d e d. a friend reunion. including the fabulous and beautiful fellow calartian zackary drucker showcased above, recently featured in interview magazine. so proud!
oh and the butt shot. yeah, that was from a performance art stint. gotta love the art scene!