Thursday, February 17, 2011

we meowd this


vday was spent making voices and space interiors for our cats. read more here.
my cats are superstars. really. they wear tshirts like it is nothing new, drive space ships and speak.
i am always impressed by their talents. a proud mother. meow meow meow.


  1. they would make great ventriloquists!

  2. ahhhhaaaahaaa!!!

    I love the back view of those kitty heads watching the screens.

  3. You and your cats are so funny and Very talented! Very Good!

    My Frederick wants me to ask you to tell your cats, "Meow, meow Meeeee owww! He says they would understand?

    Have a great weekend.

  4. omg i might have to add you to my blog roll. pronto! you are too much fun. my husband was just saying since my cats are so bored they should have their own blogs. little does he know how underachieving they are compared to yours.