Saturday, February 12, 2011

star trek me


i am working on a project with my boyfriend that involves cats and space. lucky me. so i have been checking out some star trek episodes for inspiration and found myself inspired in other ways. example 1 - that sexy purple number. i am all about it. the boots, the glitz, the barely there coverage and the wicked innocence of it all. yes please. and example 2 - that lamp! and that rock wall! and that crazy door! i want all three of those things in my home. and duh! that color scheme alone is damn sexy. call me a sci fi nerd if you'd like, but i truly believe that star trek is worth a second look. it may just blow your mind.


  1. Hola!You have a funny blog, love it! And I like very much too your little terrariums!

  2. From one sci fi nerd girlie to another - I couldn't agree more! The alien ladies had the best hair and outfits and usually awesome planets. Plus, I have a crush on Spock.