Thursday, February 3, 2011

hello hitched


i am still sick and i blame it on the roaring good time i had last weekend with my sis (yes morgan you are correct she knows a thing or two about weddings to say the least - the girl was our hitched tour guide), miss morgan (thanks for the brick house hosting - that has got to be my favorite guest room of all time) and my new favorite french girl laure (the lady has got some serious camera skills ).


the event was crazy full of glitz and sand, succulents and champange, stripes and cameras. everyone looked lovely (vendors and guests alike). and it extra exciting to get to meet some of my favorite bloggers in the flesh - especially jamie of desert fete and her husband ben (i think they may be one of the cutest couples i have ever met, no, i know so).
my favorite display was by jamie and britt of tending to it. they had this incredible yet simple idea. shove some lights into a tumble weed, hang it and viola awesome bad ass lighting. swoon.
the large succulent cluster dripping of the table was not half bad either. same goes for the diorama desert scene. nice work ladies.
all in all the event was happening. i especially dug this one little lady who got all up in the confetti and had a dance off of her own. the grilled cheese was killer too. and as always the ace has so much good furniture it makes me happy.

for more photos of hitched visit my other blog, terri planty.

p.s. the iphone photo of a photo is laure's cat hazel. seriously freaking out about how cute her cat is. we spent a good chunk of our getting to know each other time showing off our cats. and i am glad we did.

p.p.s. the dog nose. that is sir baby dog bowie. super freaking cute. too bad i didn't get any clear shots of the adorable sucker.


  1. that picture of bowie is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorbz!! i love how puppies can never stay still enough to photo. part of their charm.

  2. love your photos as well! especially the first one. gosh, the ace is SO gorgeous!