Monday, February 14, 2011

squirrel has a shopping problem


in the spirit of the day that is about couples. let me tell you about a couple i know that loved each other very much. and that was not the only thing they loved. they also loved to shop! shop the flea markets! the local thrift store! anywhere and every where that they could seek vintage delights. as a result now their (our) home is FULL to the brim with great things that we couldn't quite pass up but have no space for. so there was only one thing they could do (well one of), they have decided to reopen thier (our) etsy vintage shop...
introducing squirrel and terradactyl. a shop that features an abundance of vintage odds and ends collected all over the lands in loving treasure hunts. these excellent little and big things may just be that one item you were missing in your life? well in truth i am hoping we can find great homes for all of these wonderful items. erick has a great collection of vintage shirts and funny mugs (still many more to put up on the shop). and no surprise that i am the one filling up the shop with housewares galore. keep in mind we entertain offers! spread the word!

visit the shop here.

i hope all of you had a lovely vagina day!

p.s. you should also check out erick's blog - chris is why i'm skinny. more on that in later posts.


  1. Its kind of a shame Im living in Australia and not closer to you I would have dropped by for a coffee left with a couple of items and a lighter wallet. But that would then cause the similar problem I have in my own home and facing a partner who doesnt share my love of opshopping disappointment at my lack of self control........that yellow cooking pot

  2. thanks! it would be very dangerous if we were close. SHOPPING! can you imagine if we both stepped foot into a yarn shop. too much fun. i am so glad this blog as introduced me to another creative cat mother from a whole other part of the lands! :)

  3. yes could be carnage to the yarn shop ;)