Monday, February 14, 2011

happy vagina day!


some folks say happy valentine's day! but i prefer - happy vagina day!
yup. lets be honest here. the vagina is shaped like a symbol of love and that is what it really stands for in my book. and the people that i know that have them, well they work really hard at giving their love all year and lets face it - today is about spoiling them!
plus vagina is a very fun word to say. you should try it sometime. whisper it into a friend's ear. yell it out loud. or lovingly call your couch a cute vagina. whatever.
with that being said i hope all of your vagina days are spectacular. and to to honor this lovely day, i thought i was most appropriate to use some gorgeous documentation of the great judy chicago's dinner party. images via here.


  1. thats fabulous I really love it are they ceramic?

  2. wow ... wonder what was for dinner!
    Hope you had a great vagina day :)

  3. Heee your post made me giggle. I don't remember vagina ever being a fun word to say but now that your bring it up, it kinda is!