Thursday, February 10, 2011




we painted our living room wall. now comes art. the process is tricky. how much kitschy thrift store finds, how much of your rad friend's work (that scares your boyfriend and some guests) and how much of your own ( i have so much, where to put it? ). also there are those family photos that are cool from the 60s,  70s and 80s that you like to look at and feel loved. i am working on creative ways of displaying those too.
see the thing is i like kinda strange stuff. i am an artist after all. like i have said in the past, i am not really a big fan of posters that stress affirmations or sweet quotes. i like images that are either so cute you could cry (yes baby kittens) or shock you with their clever borderline offensive imagery. so this morning i came accross my fellow calartian artist friend max maslansky's photo collection on facebook and was loving it (well some of it). it may not be your cup of tea. but i was enjoying the view. it made you think. feel strange inside. it wasn't just a pleasure cruise.

he also has an interesting blog and tumblr. :) warning not for the faint of heart. don't expect pretty sofas.


  1. His artwork is pretty interesting. I like his work not all saccharine but with obvious conceptual elements. I kind of know what you mean there is artwork that you have no problems with yourself but are mindful it may offend others thats when you might ask yourself what is the purpose of putting art on walls or on show. The sardine tins cut into genitalia might not be right above the fireplace in the livingroom. Not that anyone I know is coy its just a little distracting when you want to hold someones gaze in conversation only to find their eyes wandering.....

  2. ART WALL! do it and show us and inspire me!

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