Monday, September 27, 2010


saturday i was surprised. surprised with a surprise birthday party! i opened the back door and then BOOM - SURPRISE! my family and friends were in my yard! it was decked out for party heaven! there was the favorite and delicious homemade chicken chilli (thank you pops), A WAY AMAZING WEDDING WORTHY CAKE THAT WAS COVERED IN GORGEOUS FLOWERS, TASTED SUPER YUMMY AND INSIDE WAS RAINBOW COLORED!!! (my sister and my ma went all out), kareoke!!!, decorations galore, a giant red dragon piñata (that i broke down while hula hooping using a police baton - thanks ben. it was filled with candy, random presents like kitten calenders and of course top ramen), glittering lights! and of course amazing family and friends! my sister and my boy friend did the works. although i can tell where my baby sis had her claws dug in deep - she is quite the party planner! and all my friends that helped - i love them all! i have to post my gifts too! i got some amazing treats.

i am such a lucky lady. surprise! i'm 27!

i love love love love love my life.



  1. happy birthday! awesome blog. i love the pics, especially the cake one on top with the blurred effect.