Wednesday, September 22, 2010

looey and the terrarium

i had one of my first terrariums ever made sitting on coffee table for a long time. it was a nice place for it to live. you could look at it and see all the cool organic treasures i would throw in from my travels. driftwood from northern cali, coral from mexico, a rock from hawaii. it was a pleasant moment in my home. until.
until looey decided he had his own ideas about my coffee table decorating choices. as of last week he began to terrorize the terrarium. starting with the little organic findings such as the coral and wood. they were soon trailing behind the entire succulent plants torn out with his little furry seemingly innocent paws. the dude is a little monster. but i still love him. i have since replaced the terrarium with a taller one that he can't get into. it is a good thing his mom designs terrariums...

(yes i did photoshop my air conditioner out of the photo for fun... it is too ugly, so there!)

the little trouble maker


  1. it is my favorite thing about my rented abode. that and the backyard and hardwood floor and view... but the rest! the rest i fear is falling apart. i need a proper pick me up from the expert over at the brick house. too bad a i rent, or else, GAME ON.