Thursday, September 9, 2010

a project with a mission


i have started another blog with my altar team, glitter pockets. the blog is titled THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND. the blog that documents the collaboration team GLITTER POCKETS through their journey of of building a DAY OF THE DEAD altar dedicated to the lovely Golden Girls and all that they represent and fought for. we began the blog to display and share our creative process, inspirations, express our political voices and make friends! the altar will be built at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

"In our altar we will be honoring Bea Arthur and the spirit of the Golden Girls through our artistic details and traditional references and materials. Our altar's design and installation will demonstrate our appreciation of a figure in hollywood and entertainment option that delivered an alternative and positive portrayal of women. Bea Arthur is a hero to our generation; having been an active supporter of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered Organization, animal activist and overall role model for women of all ages, she reflects and symbolizes feminism that is ageless.

Our altar building group is made up of a collection of artists, activists and creative friends and family who are committed to showcasing strong feminist mentors while also revisiting and encouraging our Latin American roots and importance of culture and art.

wWe look forward to the opportunity to participate in this event and create something that reflects a new perspective and embraces a beautiful tradition."

amaya (my baby sister / bff / fun fact finder / research pioneer)
angelica (my bff / fashion designer diva / future business partner)
erica (my bff / hair stylist / make up artist extraordinaire / mexican babe)
erick ( boyfriend / bff / roomie / collaborator/ writer / father of my cat children)
heather (bff in the works / fashion designer diva / good times queen)
mami maite (mother moose / bff / mami salmi / creative talent / role model)
and many more wonderful volunteers!

check out the blog HERE.

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