Thursday, September 2, 2010

baby fever

baby fever is back!!! (say it like a horror movie) lastnight i dreamt that my cat was my real child and i had another that looked just like her but was half human (kinda breaking dawn ish i might add) and my father kept commenting on how cute and how much my daughters looked alike (and he does not like cats very much in real life) and so with that said - here is a photo of what i imagine my future daughter or gay sons room will look like. you all know that i want a gay son right?
yup. that is a whole conversation. but see i have this theory that so many gay children are born of conservative parents who don't love them up enough and can't understand them therefore - i would be the perfect mother of a gay child! be born of me sweet child! i will love you no matter what!

i heart the ready to go tu tus.


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