Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my new adventure!

as some of you know i have been making and selling terrariums for a while now, however i didn't have a proper web home to showcase them. so lastnight i decided - that is it! if anything i must start a blog! and so, i did...


it is with great pleasure that i invite you to visit my new blog dedicated to my terrarium business... terri planty!

it is a small business made up of small things but with a big heart and big ideas!
i eventually will create a proper website for my little adventure, however in the meantime the blog is where it is at!

i am looking for venues to sell these mini worlds at. so far paulanna has been incredibly hospitable and generous with her space, and they can be found at the great pergolina .

however i want to branch out a bit and would love to hear any and all of your ideas.

i am getting in touch with a few local farmer's markets and may begin a stand with the lovely angelica. but again - the more ideas or references would be wonderful!

please note that i have only posted a few of my designs on the blog as there are many many more to come!

thanks for your time and support. happy planting.

lots of love,


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