Monday, March 7, 2011

i miss the 90s


this grunge muffin hippie girl is missing the flavor of the 90s. looking to that time not so long ago for inspiration in all aspects of my life. aesthetically and emotionally. its true. cranberries on pandora is commonly found playing in my vehicle. don't act so cool. you know you want to.

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  1. HAHAAAA. i was only a wee kiddo in the 1990's...but i miss the freedom i had to explore and be free...ah the days...

  2. I remember the grunge movement very well...Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots among others. I was in a big university in the early 90's and they had these free outdoor music concerts on campus. A lot of flannel and the people lookin' downright grungy. Good times

  3. agreed, the 90s were never as "pretty" as this revival. this is lacking grit, honesty.

  4. it scares me that some people I am friends with now were just little ones in the 90s. they've got no idea. and thanks for the note ;)