Monday, March 28, 2011

yes please


i have the shopping bug. bad. i splurged at the goodwill today. went with my dear friend erica who is a stylist, bad idea. even in the thrift store we came out full and lucky. it didn't hurt that the joint was bumping some sweet whitney tunes for me to walk the runway in various 80s sweaters, blazers galore!
so i am posting the things i can't afford right now but desire oh so bad. there are so many fabulous things to wear and i can't stop looking! what to do with all this gorgeousness. i think all my recent focus on my home has made me now crave some body dressing attention. and that is exactly what i am doing. let us begin with my favorite bags of the moment... clothes and jewelry next!

via here, here, here, here,and here.


  1. Love the first bag especially! No link for it?

  2. Forget skinny mirrors. It's the Whitney Houston music that gets ladies to buy more than they intended!

  3. Oh - seriously. If I heard RuPaul "Supermodel" playing I would be buying every. dang. thang. I have been jonesing for this camera bag:
    GAH! Spring shopping fever has hit! I love your rad purse picks!

  4. so why then do i just keep thinking sheila e. and chaka khan?

  5. i love how all of you know your music queens. if only we could have a meet up at the goodwill.

    @lesley b - the link is the first - i couldn't find it at first. sorry! :)