Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ladies weekend


saturday was a lady day. from beginning to end. i started off my vagina tour with a morning performance at redcat. i brought my dear friend lily the yogi to the lady fest. rad artists elana mann and vera brunner-sun invited more super rad artists to participate in a recreation / performative deep listening / choral resonation event. it was some of the most fun i have ever had. it sounds really serious and woo woo. but it was not that at all. it was a meditative process that allowed for you to not only become more aware and make "music" but with the right combo of ladies (which we so had) it was also the most hilarious pee your pants crying we don't give a fuck what you think kind of experience. loved it.

after the ladies more ladies. morgan drove into town and with the lovely laure and abby we headed to the streets of hollywood to the premiere party for the super cool and cute as a button emily henderson! i am so pumped about her new show secrets of a stylist. the lady is talented. as a long time HGTVaholic (it is one of the few cable channels i have, but lets be honest, i would watch it any way) i know that HGTV has been in desperate need of someone with an awesome personality and killer styling instincts. go go emily! and by the way she is the nicest person on the planet and a great dancer! a totally good time. we danced the night away at her party. i think i may have spun her 5 times (her request) until she finally claimed dizzy.
after our jolly good time, yesterday was spent thrifting! again morgan was my thrifting goddess. finding my every need with ease and grace. she even gifted me some amazing pillows to further my hippie chic nest. more on that later.

we ended it perfectly with a millies brunch. yum. the end.

p.s. the photo with emily is with her adorable assistant on the show - orlando and the gorgeous laure. and the kitty also belongs to laure. her name is hazel and i am in LOVE. she nearly ate my furry bag, but then instead decided to hide her whole body in it. i almost took her home.


  1. OMG who's kitty is that? I need that kitty. Looks like you guys had a great time.

    p.s. Curious, what kind of kitty is that?

  2. hahah these photos are awesome! that cat is so cute!
    and i love the group picture of the 3 white people, and 3 black people!... did that guy throw up?! haha ewwww

    and lady day sounds great. my girlfriends would be really into that! sounds interesting :-)

  3. kelly - hazel the cat is a abysinnian! she is so cute - not only visually but in personality. so much personality!! adorable.

    thanks to both of you for visiting my blog and the sweet words. xoxo :)

  4. looks like you and many others had lots of fun. ;)