Saturday, March 26, 2011

ladies night


wednesday night i met up with some of my favorite ladies abby, laure, morgan, and a new lady friend, peggy. we began our lovely evening with dinner at fig & olive. fancy stuff. i indulged in a delicious pinot. after the meal we headed to the book release party for undecorate, a beautiful book that features casual yet sophisticated designs. the book is by dwell studio founder and creative director, christiane lemieux. all the dwell studio chicas were rad. i can't wait to get my paws on a copy of the book!
the party took place at the chateau marmont Hotel bar. the chateau marmont is GORGEOUS. if you haven't been you must. it was dark so my photos don't do it justice. it is like a magical old house filled with treasures.

p.s. did i mention this part was called a "tweet up" - don't we all look so hot while we tweet? i know so.

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  1. was curious if you had an alter... I know weird question it's for design gig.

    also p.s. The chef at our wedding has moved on to Chateau Marmont, so fun!