Tuesday, March 22, 2011



if you follow this blog, you know that i am super obsessed with my cats. in fact i just had a gorgeous art print made of them (i can't wait to reveal that one in later posts).
i am also a dog lover, horseback riding, chicken snuggling, earth worm rescuing, rabbit housing, and every other animal loving freak. i grew up adoring all animals from a young age, having grown up part time on a small ranch. i have wanted to expand my animal family for some time now. so... when my dear friend allison just recently adopted this gorgeous pup i fell madly in love and now am seriously pondering making the leap.
meet little cowboy. he is as handsome as can be. i mean just look at those paws! he was such a trooper. we walked in the crazy rain and ran around in the yard in the mud. and he LOVES allison. it is too sweet. no one can deny how rad pets are.


  1. i'm a huge fan of critters too but both the man of the house and i agreed after this last weekends rain in l.a........we're glad we didn't have to walk the dog!

  2. I want to meet him! It looks like he should be wearing a little set of boots in the first image. so sweet.

  3. Cowboy is the most handsome little fellow ever! My husband and I have two rescue pupperons - Buddy and Huckleberry and I love them so much! If you are ready, you should make the leap - our dogs add so much love and fun and joy to our lives! :)

  4. @heather - you are right. i should just go for it. :) it makes me so happy to hear that you rescued.

    @alex - agreed!!! :)

    @mlle paradis - the rain was a challenge, but i am kind of a fan of wet dog stink. i know. i am a weirdo! :)