Thursday, July 8, 2010

spain round 1

today my team won! E S P A Ñ A - ra ra ra! so it only seems fitting that i would begin posting the photos from my trip to spain today. my trip was in february. unlike my past visits to spain, this one was by way of tour group. my grandmother on my dad's side doesn't speak spanish and is a big fan of this form of travel but wanted my trusty language skills to accompany her. sadmy mother was born in spain and i still have lots of family over there, so in the past my visits were more family oriented. so being on a tour was a whole other ball game. i met all these folks from texas and georgia and was guaranteed to see all the tourist attractions (something i sometimes skip). plus i had lots of quality time with my grandmother (the new york / italian). i took so many images i am overwhelmed. hence the long delay in posting.

so lets begin with round 1 and slowly work our way through. enjoy. viva españa... this sunday's final game is so close and i am so nervous. nothing like some images of my favorite place to calm the nerves.


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