Saturday, July 10, 2010

i am having a laurie anderson revisit love affair moment in my life RIGHT NOW. it all started when i was listening to my ipod on shuffle in the gym and O Superman came on as i was doing my cool down stretch session after a serious work out. i have seen the video and heard the song before, many times before. but that day it was like i listed so closely and was so completely seduced by how truly brilliant laurie anderson truly is. i know the gym isn't the most common place to explore performance art but i find it to be my favorite. the big confrontational mirrors, the loneliness, the strangers, the variety of audience, the positons, moves and amount of sweat you demand of your body, the lack of art... it is the perfect place.

Laurie Anderson - O Superman from hype on Vimeo.

Laurie Anderson on Dance from Danjel Andersson on Vimeo.

Laurie Anderson, Puppet Motel, Voyager CityRom (1995) from triple canopy on Vimeo.

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