Thursday, July 1, 2010

i admit... i watch (maybe too much) reality tv. it is kind of like mainstream performance art that is not really art, but something else. unhealthy, addictive, time consuming and all around disturbingly fascinating.

my dad (who is quite the reality tv expert) and i watched our first viewing of "work of art / the next great artist" on bravo last night. i was horrified. but i watched the whole episode despite my original decision to right off the whole thing (and to totally avoid all of the emails inviting me and fellow artists to the auditions).
watching it was no good. i was pissed, annoyed, angry, yelling at the tv as if it was a soccer game. but i watched it nonetheless.
i watch design star and top model and project runway and top chef and i don't say why oh why did they bring this to tv. but the way in which the show is exposing this idealized display of how the art world might operate to an art foreign audience on a mainstream program, oh it is irritating. the cliches! oh the dialogue! the title! "work of art / the next great artist"... YUCK! this whole idea of ONE GREAT ARTIST... or THE great artist! it makes me want to SCREAM! it is as if every category in life requires "the one". i hate that system of thinking. such bullshit.
i know art has its stupid quirks. so many of them. but this show is just so upsetting. it is bad enough that people see movies like art school confidential and think we are a bunch of jerks throwing paint. (and it is true that there are a bunch of jerks) BUTTTTT the point is we are also some super rad intelligent creative folks that need a better "show". art has a bad enough rep and this show ain't helping. i wish there was something out there that could teach people that art is important and not just a bunch of hipster lack luster half there "wacky" outsiders who make shitty things and boring obvious statements to go with their shitty art. am i being too dramatic? no!
i am still going to watch the show. and get pissed. and make better art because of it.
take that!

oh man and if you really want to barf, read the artists bios!! HERE. they are so lame. so sad.


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