Monday, May 23, 2011

we went to the museum
and days before that
A different WE
drove through a tunnel and screamed


recent encounters with art and landscape. i have been trying to work on balancing it all. does it ever get an easier? i am not complaining. i am grateful. i am trying to be in the moment and see it all and do it all.

went to moca yesterday, cruised through the permanent collection, viewed the doug aitken video installation (made me want to dance) and then saw the WILLIAM LEAVITT: THEATER OBJECTS exhibition. it was damn good. i left the space wishing i could steal several paintings for myself. especially the one of the lounge chairs at twilight or the desert landscapes or the houses in the hills. great sense of humor. the show really speaks to the LA landscape / mood / nostalgia. i highly recommend it.


  1. I went to the art in the streets exhibit last weekend. it was way bigger than I imagined it to be. need to get back in the moca soon.

  2. I went to the MOCA the same day as you! Made the trip from San Diego to check it out. I think I stared at the Jackson Pollock for a good half hour. There is so much going on in that painting.

  3. really want to go to mocca, shame it's so far away for me. amazing art.

  4. If i ever get married one day or dunno go travelling around the world i deffo want u by my side. great pics thats the least i can say!
    have a nice wend

  5. Nice photos! Looks like you've been very busy. balancing uni is a struggle at the moment too, I know how you feel! But it passes and everything seems to go on okay.

  6. GORGEOUS shots, and *wish* I could go see those shows. So delighted to hop over here and discover such beautiful photography. YUM.