Thursday, May 12, 2011

so much

so much has gone down over in my terri planty world, that poor squirrel hobbies has not had enough love. that will soon change. but in the meantime i must use this valuable space to promote the big sale this weekend!

this sunday (from 11 - 5pm) @  my studio / gallery - elephant art space... morgan of the brick house, summer of modern haus and
terri planty
- aka. myself - will be a hosting big sale of vintage modern treasures and terrariums made by
terri planty

i promise fun times.


check out terri planty blogfor sneak peeks of whats for sale... so many treats!


and after this sale i promise to be a better blogger here. promise. no really. pinky promise. for reals. done. cool. phew.


  1. you're the coolest. why you so cool, huh?

  2. these are increds. so sad i missed the sale. i need to save my pennies so i can score one!

  3. these are wonderful, pretty, and totally hilarious!