Tuesday, April 19, 2011

yoo lika da sauce?


friday night was one of many celebrations of my baby sister's bday and pizza time at my folk's house. nothing like making your own pizza! my dad has a rad pizza oven and my mother has some dough rolling / stretching / preparing skills. we each got to make our own pizza pies. all the ingredients were beautifully displayed on the table. it was really hard to make a decision because i wanted it ALL. i ended up garnishing my pizza with flowers. not surprised, are you?

i love having foodies for parents.


  1. love, love this! let's do it again!

  2. yummm! great idea that - outdoor pizza oven. you chose your parents well!

  3. oh the oven is lovely. we have been wanting to build one. did your parents diy it? (lovely blog btw!)

  4. nmm...pizza making is one of my favorite things to do too.
    Looks yammy!