Saturday, April 23, 2011

thrifted and used


some recent treasures from the thrift hunts. more shots to come. i got a whole bunch of clothes but i keep wearing it and forgetting to document the good stuff. oh and that cute purse on the couch with the kitties. another example of lazy documentation. loved the vintage treasure so much i put it right into action. life is hectic these days. bare with me. i'll get better. :)

p.s. looey (the black cat) has white fur on his nose - because he is naughty and attached poor innocent nimbi. in this photo he is acting all cool, but he just got in trouble.

p.p.s. i did a cool diy project over at my other blog, terri planty...


  1. what fantastic finds! i love the bag at the top - perfect for spring, and roomy too :)


  2. I have a twinsie to your straw purse. found it at thrift last week! I'll have to post a pic. that little statue is awesome.

  3. i've been wanting a bag like that myself. very summery!

  4. Love the stray bag, looking for one for a long time! Lucky you!

  5. A very successfal thrifting excursion - strong work.

  6. Your cats are just beautiful - how can you tell them off! I love the bag at the top, I've been looking for something similar, but my thrifting luck is nothing if not sporadic! Lovely find.