Saturday, June 26, 2010

lastnight i went to the grand opening of hoopnotica's retail location..... as we drove up all you could see was the spinning blurry vision of hooping fanatics in all shapes and colors, the music was pumping and as i walked in i realized then, i had found... hula heaven. my friends remarked "oh my gosh bianca, of course you brought us here"...
i bought my first professional hoop ( i have like 10 different cheapy hoops, i still have my first childhood hoop too! ). my new hoop is amazing i can do tricks with it, work out and just spin!!!!!!!! i am so happy. i am only sad that hoopnotica is located on the west side. this is no good for an east side lady. i must learn to teach and bring the hoop action to the east side! check out their website here.


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