Monday, June 14, 2010

i made a batch of terrariums (and plantings) to sell! finally. vintage vessels mostly. i have lots of ideas for future builds. watch out! this is just the beginning! (and by the way the big giant one is for moi. i would sell it but the vessel is so expensive wholesale that it would retail for some serious dough. i gotta see if i have the audience. but that one is some serious terrarium lovin')





  1. very cute, i really like those aloe? [ is it aloe?] in stone pots, so perky ;)

  2. so pretty. you're so talented.

  3. morgan i love the last one too. but seriously it would retail for like $300. i don't know. i am thinking about it.

    the little guys in the stone pots are rosulate succulents. they are either a variety of graptopetalum, pachyphytum or a variety of aeoniums. not sure. each one is different.

    thanks for all the sweet words. i really appreciate it! xo b