Thursday, December 16, 2010

house stuff

i have had a way spooky evening. we had an attempted break in in our back door! creepy creepy creepy. a police officer just left my home, we filed a report and now i am just trying to find some peace of mind. i was originally going to post happy comments about how wonderful renegade was and how now i would love to focus on getting my home back in shape since i have been so busy i have had no time to play house. so i am going to continue to be positive and think happy thoughts and that is that.

images via destined to design.


  1. Hey thats a terrible thing to happen. I can imagine how awful you must feel I went through it with my daughter last year it was horrible having her on the phone crying and I couldnt make it better. It does get better though you will feel creeped out for awhile but it will go 9/10 they just want possessions they can sell its just a days work for them. Try not to take it personally. If they couldnt get in easily its pretty unlikely they will come back.

  2. thanks for your comforting words! i really mean it! i can't even imagine how much more difficult this experience would have been with a child. you are so brave. thanks again!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. great pictures and very nice decoration!!