Monday, November 8, 2010

dia de los muertos altar - honoring las chicas doradas...

FINALLY i am posting photos of our day of the dead altar at the hollywood forever cemetery! we honored the golden girls, those that have passed - no betty white (please stay with us longer miss white - your career is doing so well!). in keeping with the mexican tradition we made our altar almost entirely out of customary handmade materials.  we had the works! paper flowers, sugar skulls, paper maché, corn husks, marigolds, folklorico style painting, food offerings (yes cheese cake!). we also recycled quite a bit!
our altar has been written about on various blogs and websites - very exciting - we thank you for your appreciation!! it was a lot of work! but it totally paid off. all the compliments were so rewarding and made me smile from skull cheek to regular cheek! :)

seeing people's reactions as they approached our altar was the best! they got so excited and posed with the ladies! people of all ages. it goes to show what an incredible influence the golden girls were.

it was an unforgettable experience. my friends and family all worked so hard on this project and it really bonded us. the whole day was awesome. and the tequila and pooposas weren't half bad either!

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