Saturday, May 15, 2010

last night i had a dream that i bought a dog from a shelter. it originally cost $1.99, then went up to $2.99 and then $30. whatever. pretty cheap for a dog. anyhow the dog i ended up picking was a rottweiler. my neighbors have one that is so sweet and i thought this will be a nice dog. but originally i was going to get a mutt. you see, i was at a shelter and somehow i ran in there because all kinds of other chaos was happening in my dream so of course the shelter was the safe bet. i learned how to walk the dogs by the lady that worked there and fell in love with some sort of grey hound mix, but the dog told me she didn't like cats. and i have cats (in real life too). and so somehow my family appeared to help me pick out my dog and they were displayed like toys on shelves. we went with the rot. my dad was really confident about my choice which is strange because my dad likes long haired dogs. pretty much exclusively austrailian shepards.
with that all said, i don't tell my boyfriend that i have this dog and suddenly i come home with her and hope that he doesn't get too mad. and that my cats will love her and they all do! and we all go to the zoo together. the cats, erick, the new pup and myself. it was awesome.
there were other parts too. an art show with rich people. my ma and looking at a design fair.
and i really want to go camping. but that has nothing to do with my dream (i don't think).

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