Thursday, October 22, 2009

vagina craft night.

join me on sunday evening for a fun night of craft-ing.
"Garden Sheela Na Gig" Workshop / Aka Vagina Craft Night

In this workshop we will be surveying a small portion of the history of the Sheela Na Gigs. Sheela Na Gigs are medieval figurative carvings of naked women with exaggerated vulvas often found on churches and castles in the British Isles. Their purpose and meaning remain unresolved. Some theories suggest that they are fertility symbols or protections from evil, while others believe that these grotesque representations of femininity portray the monstrous nature of female lust.

Participants will then learn how to create a Sheela Na Gig for their garden or home using a variety of both traditional and reclaimed materials. I will be providing samples of different kinds of Sheela's that can be made. Including Sheela's that can host plant life in their vulvas! or be used as scare crows! or suspended on the wall for some serious home decor status. Materials will be provided, however please feel free to bring your own favorite tools or treasures or plants to add to the mix. Good times to be had!

Sunday October 25th 4:30pm - 7:30pm
@ sea and space explorations
for directions look up

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