Friday, July 10, 2009

i am still trying to chew on this...

these images are of a performance titled Tantalus Dinner by artist Ioli Sifakaki. Apparently Royal College graduate student had designed a dinner service cast from her own body and then invited a dozen of her male friends to feast from the tableware.
i like aspects of this performance but i don't totally get the male only cast. for me it reinforces the divide between woman and man too strongly. i am all for pleasuring others through your body (literally and visually and then some) but this is kinda... i mean. i don't know yet.
maybe the part that bothers me is the women actually serving the men on the sidelines. did the men have to pay? did they have to show their weiners to get to eat? did they get poisioned? or maybe they had to declare their love? what was the trade? is this piece to generous or maybe that is just it. maybe it is supposed to be so generous that i feel uncomfortable. but still. that discomfort isn't satisfying enough for me. there is no total sense of "fuck ya!".
check out the whole thing here

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