Saturday, June 6, 2009

my back garden has been in dier need of a makeover and finally gave it to her. the beginning of it that is. we expanded the borders! we had planned on spending some dough on river rock, however we began our project by leveling some of the planting areas and were lucky to find a ton of broken concrete right under our feet! we also found toy arms, weird metal bits, broken vintage glass and misc. bits of plastic. it was so much fun to find what we needed (and then some) right their in our yard.
please keep in mind that although the borders are now looking sexy, we are still brainstorming our game plan for the center area where grass would typically grow. no lawns! i was thinking maybe some slate flat pieces with yarrow in between? not sure yet.
speaking of yarrow, i went over to the theodore payne foundation and purchased some beautiful native plants that not only love my clay soil but love some shade and attract insects! it has been a couples weeks in since the big change and the plants are thriving. taking the time to research what i plant has been the wisest investment of my time. i used to just read "drought tolerant and sun" and then be done with it. there is so much more information that is important to know when planting a successful garden. before and after photos coming soon!

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